Strategy For Conversions

Strategy For Conversions

In a Blog with great design and quality content, Landing Page is the third most important item in conversion strategies. However, it alone is like a car without fuel, no use. For it to generate countless conversions, it is necessary that it give life to it, that is to say, if it knows how to administer it with strategy.

Conversion strategies for a landing page

Landing Page is called in Digital Marketing of “capture page”, whose Portuguese translation is “landing page”. The functions of these pages are to take the visitor to a Blog or Sales Pages, capture email’s, call the visitor to action (CTA) via a clickable button, convert these visitors into lead (potential client – “is a person who, gives information in exchange for any product or service “) or promote products.

Title And Description Of Your Landing Page

The title and description follow the same criteria as the posts, products and media. They need to be flashy causing a great impact and interest in acquiring the product offered, generating healthy leads.

Cost Benefit Ratio

If you search the internet, you will find free hundreds, but I believe you want quality and work professionally, with a solid and profitable project. For this reason it is advisable that you get a pay. Most of the free ones are basic and very limited, not providing the necessary tools and resources that the paid ones offer. The cost-benefit ratio is great. Do the research and analyze.

Ideal Way to Capture E-mail’s

Some e-mail marketing platforms place at the top of the e-mail’s automatically sent, the name of the visitor. In this case, depending on which one you want to use, it is recommended to request in the Landing Page only the e-mail. Many visitors refuse to provide various information like address, city, zip, etc …, even giving up buying some product, and that is not very good.

Landing Page Design

As I said at the beginning of this article, Landing Page as strategies for conversions, should be well managed, not simply putting everything in anyway, not meeting any criteria. The design (drawing or visual) has to be persuasive and well crafted. The way to organize your Layout, is very important to obtain credibility and trust of your future client.

Bringing Visitor To Landing Page

So far we’ve talked about the strategies for conversions, the design, CTA, and finally, the Landing Page required information. However, it remains to be seen how visitors arrive at it.

Usually the producer offers media for dissemination containing free offers, such as E-books. In your articles you must indicate these products by placing your affiliate link, which takes your visitor directly to your Landing Page, where, for him to obtain this product, you must provide the requested information on the capture page.

After you click to purchase the product, whether free or paid, your Landing Page should direct you to the corresponding page, ie sales page, Download, etc … This type of strategy, we call “Digital Isca” .

After all, everything that is free is welcome, is not it? As the popular saying goes, “Free, even vein injection.”

Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

Let’s talk about organic (free) or paid traffics and leads. Well, as we know every blog or website needs traffic, because without traffic there are no conversions (sales). This means that you rely on search engines, whether Google, Bin and other forms of traffic, including your social networks.

With this Landing Page, you do not expect your customer to visit your Blog, you go to him through the mailing list generated with the Landing Page. In other words, it will not depend on other means of traffic to communicate with them.

Your biggest asset is on your list and you will not risk losing it suddenly using an unreliable platform.

Reducing False Leads in Your List

Another important aspect of this platform as strategies for conversions is that you can build a healthy email list, that is, it reduces false leads. About 40% of emails are invalid missing information or with false information like email, name, etc …

When using the “Digital Iscais” strategy as a free E-book, for example, the trend is to reduce these false data. Simply put on the landing page the following information: “Your e-book will be sent to your e-mail”. If the person is really interested in your product, it will put the correct data to receive it.

As you can see, this platform helps you a lot in conversions. Therefore, the great importance of it in your digital projects.

If you are looking to really work with Digital Marketing professionally, to generate conversions and achieve high revenues, I suggest you click on these links below and learn about the features of these important Tools and analyze the cost benefit.

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